“The fun has just begun….look out World ! I am turning One !!”

There’s no better way to celebrate your baby’s first birthday than smashing a big cake!
Watch your little angel explore new tastes and textures as they dive into a delicious cake or simply pick at the sprinkles one by one. The result…absolutely adorable & fun photographs that truly capture your little ones personality at that moment in time.

A cake smash photography is a wonderful way to capture memorable moments of your child’s birthday. It’s perfect for celebrating your baby’s first, second and even third Birthdays. Cake Smash Photography is a huge hit with all babies and toddlers, as they can not only eat the cake but smash it to bits! Yes…..it’s fantastically messy and once you see the pictures you will be so glad to have them, they make a great birthday souvenir! Cake Smash sessions are just AMAZING and fun for everyone involved.


Interested in uniquely celebrating the milestone of your child’s first birthday? Look no further than a cake smash photo shoot with Siddharth Verma Photography. Oh ! we just love cake smash photo sessions, who doesn't like cake?     

Siddharth Verma Photography offers unique cake smash photo shoots which children really enjoy. Our session starts with some beautiful portraits of your child looking pristine, we then prepare to get messy by bringing out the cake and start capturing the fun your child has while they destroy the cake. Once finished we get them in the bath & capture giggles & splashes. It will be our pleasure to craft this special photo experience just for you and your baby.   



FAQ's -


What ages can Cake Smash Sessions be booked for ?     
Cake smash photo sessions are usually booked for a child’s 1st or 2nd birthdays or around those times, as the child at this stage is curious about exploring new things and this provides for capturing beautiful portraits.


When should we book our child’s Cake Smash photo session ?   
We recommend you to make bookings as soon as you possibly can as we tend to book up months in advance and you wouldn’t want to miss out by not being able to book a date that suits.


How long does the Cake Smash Session last ?     
The session usually last around 1hour but as we don't book sessions back to back we can take time to get to know your child if they are a little shy.


What is the Pricing for Cake Smash Photoshoot ?            
Kindly refer our
Packages section in order to know the details about pricing.


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